About Us

QED Solutions Ltd is a privately owned IT solution Company, incorporated in Uganda. Its directors have been in the information technology for over 10 years where they have built a strong research and development function, are constantly researching into new technologies, and developing new products.

Our strategic consulting and after-sales support function is also highly reputed. This is what makes us the premier technology partner of choice.

We are a research and development company, with a core business focus on Mobile, Web- based applications and services for Small and Medium Enterprises. Our vision in respect to application and systems development and deployment is to provide solutions to make it easy for companies to run their day-to-day services.

Our goal is to promote the use of computing as an aid to business productivity, and also to be one of the leading IT solutions providers in the East and Central Africa region.


We are constantly developing strategic alliances with preferred partners to extend our research, technological and marketing reach/customer portfolio. We continue to initiate alliances with companies with whom we share a vision and focus, and/or where there are benefits of synergy.

Our vast years of experience working on local and international assignments have exposed us to operations around the globe that we shall have the privilege to share with our customers as well as develop top of the range products and services.

Viability of these agreements is based purely on mutual benefit. Our focus is to continue as a preferred partner in the technology areas where we specialize. We will therefore ensure that we achieve market leadership and continue to develop world-class applications.

Our strengths

Our team is a dedicated, talented and experienced unit with a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. We ensure each customer obtains the most out of their ICT investment.

We do this by focusing our solutions on the whole organizations not just a small part thus certifying that our solutions are fully integrated into the organization’s business processes.

Consulting services

We provide expertise to clients who demand technical solutions to various challenges or needs they face. These clients incur time, financial and other resources to hire our services. In return we provide the value and quality they deserve and help them uptake the expertise advisory services to improve their work.


We undertake baseline surveys, project midterm evaluations, end-term evaluations and other specialized research like expenditure tracking and regulatory impact assessments


Various institutions seek capacity building services ranging from tailor made professional training for staff; design of strategic plans; staff development plans; facilitation of workshops; and other institutional design needs. QED Solutions Ltd is a leader in provision of these services. We have supported various NGOs both local and international…


Our clients i.e. organizations run projects and programs but from time to time require external support. In pursuit of these support, we seek to meet clients at the point of their expertise requirements in a manner that matches their specifications and the expertise we provide. Over the years QED Solutions Ltd has provided such support for various organizations running all kinds of projects – from project inception, design, development to implementation, performance measurement, reporting and evaluation.

Our team

QED team members are equally spread over the technology/development functions and business development/management functions. We are a team of high skilled and experienced developers who ensure that the applications we develop are tailored to address our client requirements, are easy to use and we employ best practices. Our developers’ skills, range from Multi-platform client/server systems development, to Internet Application design and integration.

We also work with a team of network specialists, system administrators, database engineers, statistical researchers as well as consultants around the globe. With such a team we have been able to execute and deliver client’s work within such a short time.
QED Solutions Ltd consists of two directors and eight consulting and non-consulting staff. The team is rapidly expanding with more work that is coming to the company. We are located on Plot 31 Ntinda, with some of team members distributed across various locations.

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