QED Solutions Limited provides auditing services using Framework approved by NITA(U)

Audit’s Value for Your Business

  • Enhancing the efficiency of your business – We do this by bringing to your notice any redundancies in your IT operations. We can also help identify outmoded tools and other infrastructure so that you can bring changes to improve your business’s efficiency.
  • Even if your business is compliant with the latest guidelines on IT management, it’s never a bad idea to be re-assured.
    Auditing is serious business with important repercussions for your company. We can help audit the IT operations at your company so that you know how your business stands in terms of IT compliance.

Effective and efficient Information Systems auditing helps and guides businesses towards better IP Processes and procedures. At QED Solutions Limited, we try to address the following business challenges through our audit services;

Our Auditing Service

QED Solutions Limited has a team of certified IT Auditors that posses the knowledge and experience in various fields of IT and expertise to help them identify critical issues and customize practices that support trust in and value from systems with services as;

  • Audits of your data servers and centers
  • Audits of application security
  • Audits of IT infrastructure
  • Audits of data security

Our audit experts have helped businesses diagnose problems and mitigate risk in their IT operations. Contact us today to schedule an Information Systems audit with us.