QED Solutions provides a management information system that supports the implementation of a monitoring, evaluation and learning framework for your organisation. This system will be used by organisations to report online on a real-time, and offline basis, with significant amounts of data collected and analysed.  For an organisation with partners, they will also have access. They will be able to log into the system and submit their programme reports (progress and financial) based on agreed data collection templates. The system will then enable the team to carry out analysis on this data through provision of reports. QED will provide an operational MIS to manage the relationship between partners, support accountability, and ability to collect progress on program implementation across an organisation’s programs.

Our system will support an organisation that has working templates such as  Results and logical frameworks; Programme outcomes, outputs, and indicators; Data Entry Forms/Templates and existing data sets; Historical data and any existing systems (manual or automated) and  strategic plans and relevant policy documents.

Our M&E solutions have these features among others:-

  1. Dashboard

The dashboard consists of the summary stats, graphs & tables providing snapshot statistics. Also includes coverage maps, reporting statuses and a message centre among other features.

  • Directory

This is the module that handles the management of all programs, projects, implementing and development partners and stakeholder records in the system. 

  • Project Management

This is one of the most important modules in the system. All the project M&E data is managed in this module. This includes but not limited to project summary, logframe, activity plans, budgets, reports, and project documents among others.

Some of the extra features include but are not limited to :-

  • Submission of Financial and Progress Reports
  • Dataset/Template Configurations
  • Financial Management (Disbursements, Procurements and Budget Reallocation)
  • CaseLog Management among other features.

Send an email to info@qed.co.ug for a demo.