At QED we are able to assist customers who would like to pursue business in value added services such as SMS.  We have developed web-based SMS Management platforms that you can configure with existing SMPP GW for your business. If you are looking into starting an SMS aggregation business, short code configuration, bulk messaging, and related services, we got you covered.

Our SMS management services involve:-

  1. Install and configure the server (preference to Linux)
  2. SMPP gateways and connect them to the telecom SMPP gateway for both inbound and outbound SMS.
  3. Install and configure SMPP addons that serve as an SMSC and receive incoming SMPP connections.
  4. Install and configure databases for SMS storage
  5. Set up delivery reports to confirm if an SMS is delivered or not.
  6. Install and configure web-based SMS management platforms that will provide the user with the capabilities to manage:-
  7. Manage contact database / lists
  8. Users who will send out the messages.
  9. Ability to send out single and bulk sms messages.
  10. Reports for billing (Delivery Reports)
  11. Pivot reports for Analysis.

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